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Over the past 11 years no mountain was too high for the Top Speed team. Martin was at the start of the most beautiful speed events in the world, like the Mille Miglia, Le Dakar, Le Mans Classic, La Carrera Panamericana. On race-tracks or off-road, nothing stopped the enthusiastic host from finishing. One of the biggest challenges was the difficult 18.000 kilometer trip by car from Rotterdam to Shanghai, which resulted in a most exciting Top Speed Episode.

During the last 6 years Top Speed was all about circuit-racing with super fast prototypes like the Saker Sportscar, the Radical and the PRC, which had an engine with more than 500 PS and weighed only 600 kilograms. More than once  Martin was on the podium in the German Sportscar Challenge.

On this website you will find information and news about the program and you can also watch the episodes.

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The first Top Speed TV-show was broadcast in 2005 and since then more than 700 episodes have been produced. Top Speed is unique, because host Martin Utberg not only presents the show, but also takes part in speed races on a high level. During the 2016 season Top Speed is all about classic cars.

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